Fall Rush For LUSH

Posted by Lush Cosmetics North America | @lushcosmetics

It’s that time of year again—leaves changing from a rich green to a crimson red, the air becomes cool and crisp, perfect for your favorite sweater. Your skin slowly begins to dull from its radiant summer glow that you worked so hard for.

LUSH Cosmetics has the natural ingredients that are just the right thing to combat this issue. Their mission states that “words like ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ have honest meaning beyond marketing.” Their brand pays very close attention to exactly what goes into each and every one of their products, as well as the packaging it is held in.

LUSH products are vegan, which means they are completely plant based without the use of any animal products or harsh chemical substances. The environment is also kept in mind when deciding how to package—or not package—these products. LUSH is on its way to becoming less and less wasteful with its new “naked” initiative where they attempt to eliminate packaging altogether and end up with a self-sufficient product that matches the quality of all their other products.

For the autumnal season specifically, LUSH has quite a few options for that dry, dull skin you might be starting to see in the mirror.


Ayesha is a fresh face mask that uses kiwi, asparagus and witch hazel to brighten and tone dulling skin. These fresh face masks are kept refrigerated because they are made with perishable ingredients that are packed with vitamins and enzymes that can rejuvenate your skin.

The Olive Branch

A shower gel that would be helpful for the rest of your body is The Olive Branch. A cool thing about this product is that before use, organic olive oil sits atop a blissful blend of mandarin juice, infused vine leaves and sea salt. After mixing the ingredients, with a nice shake of the bottle, you can lather this wash all over your body to lock in moisture and leave your skin divinely softened.

African Paradise

Another product exclusive to LUSH is their body conditioner that gives your skin a deep treatment that leaves skin incredibly smooth and supple. One conditioner that would bode perfectly in combatting mid-October’s wrath on your skin is African Paradise. All ingredients used in this product are native to Africa with the intent of truly nourishing the skin. Once you apply the shea butter, moringa oil and aloe gel (which is all fair trade), let it sit for a bit and then rinse it off as you would with hair conditioner.


LUSH is known for its bath bomb craze and this definitely doesn’t let up for the fall season. Butterball has simple ingredients, but they pack a punch. Made with pockets of cocoa butter that fizz and melt in a hot bath, this product is ready to hydrate your thirsty skin while you relax and unwind.

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