The Miracle of Echinacea

Everyone is terrified of catching the infamous Penn State Plague™—and for good reason. Annually, this dreaded disease infiltrates lecture halls and infects the dozens of students that inhabit them. If only there was something to save them—but there is, and its name is echinacea! This natural dietary supplement has been proven to boost any immune system without much fault, if any.

Echinacea is a perennial flower, meaning it blooms for many years, and has antimicrobial properties which makes for the best anti-flu cocktail. The herbal remedy has the ability to improve a person’s immune system before, during and after a bout with any common ailment.

“I had a cough for months junior year of high school and no medication helped cure it at all, it just kind of went away on its own,” says Penn State freshman Jenna Dzelzgavis. “Then [recently] I felt the same cough coming on again and I immediately started taking echinacea pills and they haven’t made the cough completely go away yet, but I can tell already that it  for sure going away.”

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to remain conscious of what they are putting in their body because the capsules, oils and teas available are all-natural because of the limited ingredients. Any of the remedies are a go-to holistic alternative to modern medicine that usually cannot even be phonetically pronounced.

The biggest perk of taking echinacea is that it’s multi-use— it acts as a universal health booster in times of need. From sore throat to chest cold to sinus infection, pair echinacea with Emergen-C or whatever has also been prescribed to you and knock those germs out of your system faster than ever.

According to Medical News Today, echinacea can be used to alleviate acid indigestion, ADHD, gum disease and even urinary tract infections.

Even celebrities reap the rewards of this magical herb. Emma Watson swears by the relieving effects it has when used in the bath, and Vanity Fair as well as Shape Magazine endorse the product.

Most recently, the power that echinacea harnesses has been discovered to carry over into skincare, as well. A particular strain known as echinacea purpurea was found to have the highest levels of “cichoric acid—a phytochemical with restorative and antioxidant properties—ever registered,” according to Cichoric acid has been shown to brighten skin and support the natural production of collagen, which assists with  clear, healthy skin.

So whether you’re looking to get help quick with your general health or even your skin, echinacea should be your first choice.