It’s Formal Season

Spring formal is the last big hurrah before finals week, and planning your outfit ahead of time can’t hurt! Whether it’s a final celebration commemorating senior year or a party for successfully surviving another one, it’s still a valid excuse to get dressed up.

Always remember to dress to the style that is most comfortable for you, especially when picking shoes because you will be on your feet for a while. There is a stigma surrounding formal and the kind of things to wear, and as a college student most people don’t have a ton of money to drop on a high-end dress. In reality, it should be about you being cute while comfortable for an entire night – think functional before fashionable!

Girls and guys alike want to dress to the nines, so VALLEY is here to make you look like a 10.

The Ladies Look

The spring season brings fun and bright colors back into style, so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and in a different shade than you’re used to. Lulus recently put out their spring dress line and it features virtually all the colors of the rainbow. They have beautiful light blue colors, playful floral patterns and even vibrant yellow options at affordable prices.

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It’s not all about the dresses, though! Jumpsuits have made their debut to formal scene. Grace Catlett, a sophomore member of Delta Gamma, stepped out to her formal in a stunning red sequin jumpsuit. “They are super trendy and comfortable and its nice to wear one when its still cold out instead of a dress,” Catlett says. The bold choice made her outfit unique in comparison to all that attended the event. Her date, Steve Tornetta, followed suit (no pun intended) with a grey jacket and slightly unbuttoned white shirt — casual and fun!

Jewelry can transform any outfit from bleak to chic. Long chains that hang down your chest are a nice accent to deep V-neckline cuts. A dress with a high neckline, however, can be paired with a chunkier necklace.

The Guys Garb

The black sport coat and plain undershirt is definitely a staple, but take this opportunity to spread your individuality and make your look your own. Add fun colors like Tornetta’s grey jacket choice. Make the undershirt a different color or crazy pattern that fits your personality.

Corbin Miller, a sophomore business student in Theta Delta Chi, prefers the spring formal because the weather is better and it’s a nice way to finish up the year. “I like to go with a nice sport coat and tie, and some kind of colored khakis,” Miller says. Wearing multiple colors is one way that he says to keep your outfit fun. The choices are tie, bowtie or no tie, and all three options are totally acceptable!

Boys can have bling too! Accessories such as watches and belts bring an entire outfit together. Watches give a professional look and who doesn’t love to be a little showy. Belts should match the shoes you’re wearing, and VALLEY suggests a nice light brown for the spring season. Even though there has been snow flurries, we can all pretend it’s warm and sunny for the big night.

VALLEY wants to see what you wear to your formal! Tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag with your formal look.


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