Move Over True Crime Shows, My Favorite Murder is Taking the Stage

Posted by My Favorite Murder Podcast | @myfavoritemurder

Do you often binge watch true crime shows on the weekends or spend way too much time watching documentaries about murder?  VALLEY may have found something that is right up your alley: a true crime and comedy podcast.  Sounds impossible, but it’s the real deal.  

Comedian Karen Kilgariff and TV personality Georgia Hardstark, have blended comedy and true crime to create the extremely popular podcast, My Favorite Murder.  Although it seems as though comedy and murder don’t coincide, Kilgariff and Hardstark have successfully intertwined the two.  If the title of the podcast threw you off,  Hardstark explained in an interview with Rolling Stone that, “It’s not ‘favorite,’ like, ‘I love this murder,’” she said, “it’s the one I really want to talk to you about, because it’s so insane.”

So, what happens on the podcast?  Well, each week, two different episodes are released, a minisode every Monday and the regular episode every Thursday.  The minisodes consist of Kilgariff and Hardstark reading ‘hometown murders,’ which are true crime stories from listeners’ hometowns or stories that they have some sort of connection to.  It could be something that happened to a family member or a crazy story from their time as a police officer or EMT.  

The stories can really be about anything!  On the regular episodes, Kilgariff and Hardstark each research a murder and tell its whole story.  Intertwined throughout these stories are the hosts’ commentary and jokes, which make the podcast much more lighthearted and less serious than many other true crime podcasts, TV shows and documentaries.  

The podcast is not about learning every detail about the murders, but more about getting the general idea and some hilarious commentary to go along with it.  As Kilgariff and Hardstark often say, if you’re looking for facts, this is not the podcast for you.  At the end of each episode, the women end with their tag line, ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered’, which has become a huge aspect of this love for true crime movement.  You can find memorabilia all over Etsy with this tag line, anything from mugs and greeting cards to pillows and wine glasses.    

Almost 2 years and 90 episodes later, the podcast is ranked number 3 under the comedy category and number 23 overall.  The women don’t just limit themselves to podcasting, either.  They have gone on tour to perform live in the United States and internationally.  This podcast has created an entire community of true crime lovers with the Facebook group consisting of over 160,000 ‘murderinos’ and an Instagram account with 187,000 followers!  

So, don’t think you’re crazy if you also have an obsession with true crime!  Make sure you download and listen to My Favorite Murder on the podcast app and remember, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered!