Most Common Sylly Week State-stagrams

269852_10150222559455592_6175887_nWe’re insta-back to Penn State for another soon-to-be insta-amazing year, so you know what’s coming and you’re more than likely a contributor. Get ready to throw your dying iPhone in a fitted rage at the nearest wall for freezing up, because your Instagram feed is about to actually burst into flames. While Valley has already uncovered PSU’s Most Common Instagram Posts, this next week is truly in a league of its own. The popularly-coined ‘Sylly Week’ may be complete with late-drop classes and move-in boxes still lining your hallways, but it’s also filled with its own overload of specific state-stagrams, and we’re here to uncover these gems now:

1. BacktoState-Stagram

We’re back, and seriously, we let the entire realm of the Internet know it. The BacktoState-Stagram is a rapid creature that multiplies by the minute, usually within groups of its own kind. It’s natural habitat is mainly dimly lit apartments. This post in particular wins for highlighting the basic common sense of the time period of late August and the known fact that all American universities are resuming their academic year at this time. It’s cool, maybe you’re helping out those privileged Europeans understand our educational system, even though that’s clearly not the motive. The motive behind #backtostate-ing is to show everyone that you’re already at a party–duh, and that you’re clearly not hiding anything behind your back. You should be an actress.

2. Dorm-Stagram

It’s common knowledge that between freshman year and sophomore year at college, you probably age 10 years, and this explicitly shows through your Instagram posts as well. The made bed that will never last, the Christmas lights that surround the walls, and the high school prom pictures are common attributes of this creature.  Oh, and clearly the best part is the cheesy, overused and supposed-to-be inspirational quote “This is what growing up feels like.”Dorm-stagram again, young children, your bed will be never be made again.

3. Roomie Love Sta-gram

New year means new roommates, and what’s the best way to bond? Taking adorable selfies, of course! For maximum effect, be sure to do any of the following: kiss the other’s cheek, hug so tightly and smile so wide your face crumples, or make the somehow still relevant duck face. You’ve been practicing for this golden selfie your whole life in your bathroom mirror, so now’s the time to let it shine and show the world that true friendship is defined by likes on a photo. Happy bonding!

Photo provided by Leah Polakoff

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