Your Back-to-School Playlist

_MG_5597Is summer really gone? Well to us, we’re just happy we can soak up the last rays with our favorite group of college kids in these next few weeks.

It’s time to set your clocks to fifteen minutes before that first 10:10 a.m. class, indulge in that long-awaited State College Chipotle burrito and get together that perfect playlist that will pump you up for class.

Luckily, we have a playlist that will swing you full-force back to school—in the best way possible.

Because this beat is impossible not to move to:
“Take My Love and Run”
—Bad Suns

Because we all have a dark side, and this song brings it all out: 
“Shades of Gray”
—Drake feat. D.L.O and The Weeknd

Because of that summer hookup that you swore you wouldn’t spill about to your friends (but you’ll tell ‘em):
“Don’t Tell ‘Em”
—Jeremih feat. YG

Because there is always a time and a place for Jay Sean:
“All on Your Body”
—Jay Sean

Because this quirky back-to-the-books song will make your day spent in the library not so bad:
—The Luminous

Because of those times you just need a good melody:
—Florence and The Machine

Because this punchy song gives us a little boost in confidence:
—Ed Sheeran

Um, because Hanson is back?!
“Blue Sky”

Because Jason Derulo (duh):
—Jason Derulo

Because every year we become a little edgier:
“Gold on the Ceiling”
—The Black Keys

Because the music is like the opening credit theme song to our anticipated homecoming:
“San Francisco”
—The Mowgli’s

Because we love a good, catchy, mind-numbing pop song:
“Bad Boyz”
—Hyper Crush

Because with each passing year our “forever” friends become a smaller and smaller group:

Because this is how glorious it feels to step back onto campus:
“Hyper Paradise”

Can you add to this playlist? Let us know!


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