Mix and Match, Fix and Patch Your Ripped Jeans

We all have those favorite jeans that are worn in just right, but what happens when they get a little too loved and holes start to surface? No need to call the denim doctor. Instead, transform the rugged denim into some fancy pants with these stylish ideas.

Smells like Jean Spirit
Multiple rips call for lots of mending, but one of the easiest ways to cover holes is with patches. Rummage around the attic or your grandma’s house for old varsity, Girl Scout or military-style patches. Just iron them on for a quick-fix solution.

Under-Cover Pop
For a pair of ripped jeans that have too much character to alter, put a pair of printed tights or lace leggings underneath for a pop of color that will keep your legs cozy in the colder weather.

That’s Jean-ius
When a rip at the knee continues to grow, it’s time to make amends. Prevent it from expanding by using a machine or hand sewing the hole around the edges. To create your own patch, use a printed or textured piece of fabric and cut a rectangle piece that is roughly an inch bigger and wider than the hole. Fold the edges of the piece under and pin on top of the hole. Sew the patch into place to give jeans a trendy renovation.

Behind the Seams
Traditionally, denim is patched up with more denim and can be good for a less-noticeable fix. For a more exciting approach, cut a patch of denim from the side seam of an old pair of jeans. Then sew the patch underneath the hole, showing off the seams to add a subtle yet stylish twist.

Are You A-frayed of the Dark?
When the bottom of your pants drag around too much, there is no need to be a-frayed. Sewing a plaid fabric piece inside is a fun way to hide the distressed bottom. Simply sew a strip on the inside and roll them up for a cheerful touch.

Photo by Nina Abbott

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