Meet the Trumps

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A new first family is now in the spotlight, but it’s definitely not their first time in the public eye. The Trumps have been a famous American family for the past three decades who are best known for their hotels, “The Apprentice” and golf courses. Valley is here to introduce you to the new first family. Meet the Trumps…

President Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States was an unexpected candidate in the presidential race. Before his political career, Donald Trump was most known for his success in real estate and ownership of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Trump graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics. He announced he was running for president in June 2015, and quickly became a highly controversial candidate. His campaign focused on immigration bans and repealing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

First Lady Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the third wife of Donald Trump, and mother to Barron. She is Slovene-American and became an American citizen in 2006. Melania is a former model, starting a career at the age of 16. Her career as a model was very successful, appearing on highly esteemed magazine covers such as Vogue. She speaks five languages: Slovenian, English, German, Serbian and French.

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is the first son of Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana. He is the oldest of the Trump children and is the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, which he will take over during his father’s presidency. Donald Jr. married model Vanessa Haydon in 2005, whom he has five children with. Just like his father and younger siblings, he graduated from University of Pennsylvania. It is rumored that he will become involved in politics and run for mayor of New York.

Ivanka Trump

Possibly the most known of the Trump children, Ivanka is the second child of Donald and his first wife, Ivana. She also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is a successful businesswoman. She has her own fashion line, designed for professional, working women. Ivanka married Jared Kushner in 2009, and they have three children together. Kushner will serve as President Donald Trump’s senior advisor.

Eric Trump

Eric is the third child of Donald Trump and Ivana. He and his brother Donald Jr. both serve as the executive VPs in their father’s company. He is married to Lara Yunaska since 2014. He created the Eric Trump Foundation in 2006, which raises money for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany is the daughter of Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples. She is the least known of the Trump children; perhaps because her mother raised her in California until she graduated from high school. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Like her older siblings, she delivered an impressive speech at the Republican National Convention.

Barron Trump

The youngest of the Trump children, Barron is the first and only child of Donald and Melania Trump. Like his mother, he knows English and Slovene.He will live in Manhattan with his mother while he attends school. At only 10 years old, sources have said that he already takes after his father.

Over the next four years, it will be interesting to see what role President Donald Trump’s children play in politics. Despite the criticism that Trump receives because of his stance on certain policies, it’s hard not to give him credit on raising some impressive children.