10 Most Shocking Moments of TGIT

Posted by Giphy.com

As winter hiatus come to an end, network TV’s most popular shows return to keep our weeknights alive with anything but homework. All three of Shonda Rhimes’ TGIT (Thank God it’s Thursday) shows, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder” are back and better than ever.

Here are the most shocking moments from TGIT last night:

Warning! Spoilers below!

Grey’s Anatomy

When our new patient went Karate Kid on her doctor.

Viewers meet the new 16-year-old pregnant patient, Kristen, who seems quite harmless at first— that is until she physically attacks the doctor taking care of her and breaks her finger in half.

When we found out Kristen’s mom wasn’t going to bring her baby to visit.

Over the course of the episode, we started to sympathize with crazy Kristen. She tells Jo that she wants her mother to adopt her little girl so she could see her on a regular basis. We liked that idea until we found out her mom wouldn’t even see Kristen and never planned to bring the baby anywhere near Kristen. Sad, but typical “Grey’s Anatomy” style.

When Alex and Meredith didn’t make an appearance— for the entire episode!

Probably THE most shocking element of this entire “Grey’s” episode was that out favorite besties (Alex and Mer) did not make a single appearance. Not one. We waited a long time to see what happened to Alex. Will he go to prison or won’t he? According to Bailey, it seems like he did, but we can’t be sure until 8 p.m. next Thursday.


When Frankie Vargas won.

And our next president will be,that guy? But he’s not corrupt at all! That doesn’t make sense in Shondaland!

When two minutes later Vargas was shot.

Well there was no way that a character who was mostly irrelevant and actually good for the job was going to be president. Still, it was insane that the President-elect was killed off that fast.

When we found out Cyrus killed Vargas.

We knew Cyrus was evil but this was next level. He even pretended to be in shock for two whole days after Vargas’ death to make it seem like he was sad. This guy will stop at nothing to be in power.

When Olivia showed us why she runs D.C.

Olivia threatened Cyrus by reminding him just what she is capable of, and that includes proving his guilt for killing Vargas. After approximately a year away from our television screens, in a mere 20 seconds, Olivia Pope reminded us exactly why she owns Washington.

How To Get Away With Murder

When “HTGAWM” met “Orange is the New Black.”

Annalise is behind bars people! This is not a drill! Some potential new prison friends try to play nice with her, but she’s too busy drowning in her sorrows about Wes to care.

“I loved him so much more than I ever loved you.”

Laurel said to Frank through her heartbroken stupor. She absolutely slayed this conversation, in which she essentially blamed him for Wes’ death and confirmed her love for him.

When Frank confessed he killed Wes.

On this show fans can really never know anything for certain, but it seems as if Frank is Wes’ killer— for now at least.

These episodes were just the beginning of what’s to come in this powerhouse trifecta, so set your Thursday nights aside for drama because it’s going to be quite a ride.