MCM: Olympian Edition

Our country is awesome—there is no doubt about that. With the Olympics taking place in Sochi this winter, we have an even better reason to show our patriotism (‘MURICA!) It’s no secret that the world’s best athletes have crazy amounts of talent, but let’s not exclude the MAJOR eye candy that comes along with it. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen these golden boys all over your TV, we’ve got you covered. They can be our #mancrushmonday anytime.


Evan Lysacek, Figure Skating

He’s got rhythm, class, and a strong jawline. Need I say more?


Sean White, Snowboarding

Ever since The Flying Tomato chopped off his ginger locks for charity, he has gained major #mcm points. He may not have medaled in his events this Olympics, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t “medal” his way into our hearts. (Too cheesy? Never.)


Bobby Brown, Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, and Gus Kenworthy, Slope Skiing

Crazy athleticism, perfect smiles, goofball attitudes, and big hearts – put all those things together and you’ve basically won the genetic lottery. Bonus points to Gus for rescuing Russian stray dogs, and props to Nick for getting his own hashtag: #iwanttodatenick (But seriously…I really do want to date Nick.)


T.J. Oshie, Ice Hockey

If you didn’t watch hockey before, now is a good time to start. This 27 year-old is 5’11 inches of pure muscles and raw talent. Way to go, Mr. and Mrs. Oshie, way to go.

Winner Ted Ligety of the U.S. holds up his national flag during the flower ceremony for the men's alpine skiing giant slalom event in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center

Ted Ligety, Alpine Skiing

If you’ve turned on your television in the past few weeks, there’s no doubt you’ve seen Ted Ligety in that NyQuil commercial that comes on every commercial break. Good looks aside, he made our list solely because of his chosen sport. Have you ever watched Alpine Skiing?! That stuff is intense.


Ludvig Fjällström, Freestyle Skiing

Let’s take this international for a second. Fjällström was one of the younger athletes competing this year – he’ll be turning 21 just after the games end. I know 20-year-olds that can’t even decide what kind of coffee they want from Dunkin’ Donuts, and this guy is kicking butt halfway across the world. Not to mention those smoldering eyes. He’s basically a European Flynn Rider.

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