#MCM: Halloween Hotties

There is so much to love about Halloween.

Whether you were pumpkin picking or putting together the perfect costume, there is only one way to end a chilly, State College fall day – Halloween movies.

We all love the classic Halloween movies. We grew up watching them and couldn’t imagine going a Halloween season without them. So, this week, it was the boys from our favorite Halloween flicks who inspired our #ManCrushMonday.

Here are our rankings:


8. Luke – “Halloweentown”

“Halloweentown” is perhaps the staple Halloween movie series for our generation, and how could we not put adorable Luke on the list? True, he’s not the most pleasing to the eyes in his goblin form, but when we see him as a human, he is simply adorable.


7. Max – “Hocus Pocus”

Another Halloween must-watch, “Hocus Pocus” is always on TV throughout October. And not only do we love the movie, but we know we all loved Max growing up. He proved to be such a good big brother, and really, what’s cuter than that?


6. Ethan – “Halloweentown High/Return to Halloweentown”

He stole Marnie Piper’s heart…and ours as well. Ethan is Marnie’s romantic interest in the last two “Halloweentown” movies and he was impossible not to love in each of them. You may recognize the actor (Lucas Grabeel) as Ryan Evans from “High School Musical,” and that’s even more of a reason to love him.


5. Edward – “Edward Scissorhands”

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, but hear us out on this one. Edward Scissorhands is played by Johnny Depp… the Johnny Depp. That’s all the explanation we need, actually.


4. Brand – “Goonies”

We know, “Goonies” isn’t exactly a Halloween-specific movie, but it still has the spooky qualities that make it perfect to watch in October. Plus, we all had a crush on Brand.


3. Pete – “Phantom of the Megaplex”

Yet another Disney Channel classic, “Phantom of the Megaplex” is a necessary part of every Halloween season. We grew up watching it, and we also grew up thinking Pete Riley was a babe, even in that lame movie theater vest.


2. Devon Sawa (Voice of Casper) – “Casper”

Although he was only in the 1995 hit movie as a human for a short period of time, actor Devon Sawa looks much different today in 2014. Boy, did he ever grow up. Happy Halloween to us.


1. Dimitri – “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire”

Dimitri comes in at number one on our Halloween MCM list for a number of reasons. Firstly, he’s a silver fox. Yum. Secondly, he’s the villain, and every girl is a sucker for a bad boy. The only downside is you can’t take him out into the sun.

Happy Valloween!


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