The “Real” Valloween

valloweenREALTrick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

And naturally the staff at Valley would say something along the lines of ‘Have a Happy Valloween!’

But we recently learned that Valloween is a term that does not only refer to Halloween at Valley Mag. Valloween, as the name implies, is a combination of Valentine’s Day and Halloween. And there are three types of people that celebrate Valloween:

Type 1: The Crazy Cat Lady

It is celebrated by some of the morbid singles that view the steamy, life-sized bear giving, chocolate eating holiday as a huge smack in the face—an “evil” reminder that they will forever be single. During this “wicked” 24 hour period, participants dress up in their spooky costumes to bring a little edge to the romance. Usually these people believe that they will end up alone forever—driving away all possible significant others, making them crazy cat ladies.

Type 2: The Blood-Oozing Gut Lovers

Valloween is also celebrated by the “horror” enthusiasts that are overly obsessed with Halloween. These people are in love with all things scary. When asked to choose a movie, these people will pick the classic horror movies every time. Valloween for the Halloween-crazed is usually spent staying in, sitting in a dark house with horror movies galore.

Type 3: The Unconventional Couples

If you ever see a couple dressed up in Halloween gear in the middle of February, Valloween is most likely the reasoning. These couples do not enjoy going out to a candle light dinner or cuddling up and watching romantic comedies as much as they enjoy Halloween. So mixing the two, gives them the perfect combination of Cupid and the devil.

Valloween is mostly an underground February holiday but to Valley it will forever be our little twist on this candy-filled holiday! So happy haunting to all and to all a good fright!

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