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Masks have become a part of our daily attire for nearly nine months now. We find ourselves running through the checklist before we leave the house: Phone? Keys? Wallet? Mask? Instead of grabbing your average blue disposable mask, take a second to consider the outfit you’re wearing!

Incorporating a mask into your outfit is a fun way to make the most of the situation. Sure, in a perfect world, we’d all prefer no face masks. But following CDC mask-wearing guidelines is important to protect yourself and others from the spread of the coronavirus.

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Matching your mask to your outfit can be simpler than you might think. Some of our favorite celebrities have already hopped on the mask matching trend. Fashion icon Billie Eilish served us with a cohesive look at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards with a custom-made green velvet mask that flawlessly matched her monochromatic outfit. In this look, the mask just becomes a flawless piece of the outfit, but there’s so much more you can do. It all starts with what’s in your collection of reusable masks.

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A solid mask collection should include the basic solid neutral colors such as black, white and gray for throwing on with any outfit. But including some lively colors and patterns can make your mask the focal point of the outfit. A vibrant eye look that plays off the colors in the mask can create a whole outfit in and of itself. Maddie Ziegler proved this true by pairing a bright aqua mask with a simple white tank. With the colors of the mask also present in her makeup, it instantly becomes an effortless statement look.

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The little effort that goes into incorporating a cute mask into your outfit can truly make-or-break your look. Influencer Katherine Oxman’s lilac themed post on Instagram is cohesively pulled together with a matching mask that plays off of the colors of the donut shop sign as well as her outfit. Finding matching masks is also being made even simpler now with online retailers such as Forever 21, Etsy and Revolve selling a matching mask set with clothing, scrunchies and even dog bandanas for when you want to match with your pooch.

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