Make This a Summer of State

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After a few weeks into the summer, there comes another common sentiment: boredom. Yes, there are plenty of ways to keep oneself busy in the summer. From work, to vacation, to hanging out with friends from home, to discovering new things to do, there are definitely a lot of summer activities that keep away the cabin fever. But for some, it’s easy to want to go back to the excitement of Penn State pretty soon after the summer begins.

If you’re feeling the summer slumps and want to channel your State College mindset to make these days feel almost as exciting as the school year, VALLEY has some ideas for you.

Local Tailgate

Penn State football games aren’t your only tailgate opportunity! While you may not be able to fully mimic the magic of pre-football food and game fests like in State College, there are alternatives that can come close! Find a local sporting event that you and your friends could go to early, and make sure to bring plenty of food, drinks and cornhole. The tailgates on more of the low-key environment side also have their perks – like your phone will actually get service, and you (hopefully) won’t have to walk a mile to get to the stadium!


On beautiful, sunny days in State College, the HUB and Old Main lawns become colored with a sea of students ready to soak up the rays. On beautiful, sunny days in summer, why not grab some friends or family and go to a local park with similar fields of green? Take a blanket, sunglasses, a good book and the wonderful feeling that you can enjoy this day guilt-free without worrying about a project to complete or a final exam to study for.

Hometown Arboretum

The Arboretum is a Penn State favorite, and it’s an ideal place to spend a nice day. But instead of longing for a walk around Penn State’s botanical gardens, try finding one closer to where you are! There are plenty of state parks, flower gardens and arboretums all over the place, and you can find one closer to home with a simple internet search. Take in the beautiful sights and smells of a place you haven’t yet discovered, and chances are your next great Instagram post will also result from it.

Where-You-Are Webster’s

Each town is bound to have its own cute, cozy coffee shop. You don’t have to miss Webster’s and Irving’s this summer; take an afternoon to meander around a town close to you and find these special little places that could offer you a relaxing refuge from the relentless summer heat. You never know – you could still discover places you’ve never heard of before – even in a town you’ve lived in your whole life!

Bring the BJC Magic

If you’re looking for something more high-energy and exciting, think about the kinds of shows you would look to attend at the BJC! Research concert halls, theaters and stadiums near you and check out what they have coming up on their schedules. It might take some effort and some cash, but it’s always exciting to have a big event on your calendar to look forward to. The BJC isn’t the only place that offers up amazing concerts, plays, comedy and more.

It’s completely okay to already feel excited about returning to Penn State in August, but VALLEY is here to remind you that there are plenty of ways to take advantage of your time in the summer – even if it means channeling your inner Penn Stater.


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