LionPATH: A Blessing or a Curse?

Our campus has been buzzing with word about new programs, but we never thought change would come so soon. With ANGEL already transitioning over to “Canvas”, it’s replacement system, eLion is getting ready to meet its own end. LionPATH is Penn State’s newest system where students will register for classes, access degree audits and use other features to keep track of credits and financial information.

The system is set to replace eLion sometime next year and will be used for upcoming Fall 2016 class registration. But after students finally gained access to the website recently in order to confirm enrollment, many are starting to wonder if LionPATH will actually be a worthwhile change.

The Pros

Upon accessing the LionPATH website, your current schedule is front and center on the page. The sidebar of the site contains your advisor’s information, unread messages and important enrollment dates, all of which are features that take some navigating on eLion to access.

Ashley, an Accounting Major, doesn’t think Penn Staters should be so quick to judge the new system. “I think it might take some getting used to and probably a few updates that they’ll do before it looks better. It’s also hard to start using a new system that we’ve never had before, so I think it just needs some time for everyone to adjust.”

LionPATH is supposed to introduce a “shopping cart” method of registering for classes, allowing students to place all of their intended options into their online cart prior to their scheduling date. From there, you’re able to monitor availability. Students should also prepare to say goodbye to the stress-inducing process of the watch list. LionPATH will place students on a waitlist in priority order and you will automatically be registered for a the course when a spot becomes available. So far, it sounds like LionPATH will be making things a bit easier for students.

The Cons

It isn’t hard to notice LionPATH’s outdated design the minute you log on. The font appears small and unorganized on the page, and the tabs on the navigation bar open unappealing folder images. When searching through the Course Catalogue, you already begin to feel nostalgic over our beloved “Schedule of Courses” with its easy-to-read information and organized text.

Brittany, a Kinesiology major, isn’t so sure about the system change. “It honestly looks like eLion should be the update and LionPATH should be what we’re moving away from. It just makes me nervous to schedule for classes. It’s already stressful enough, so to have to learn a new system on top of it makes me worried about not getting the classes I need.” LionPATH’s current version appears confusing to navigate and seems like a step back from the eLion we know and love.

While the system lacks aesthetic appeal, the proposed features of LionPATH sound like they’re making a convenient change. Penn Staters will have to wait and see just how much of an impact the new system will have.


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