LionTutors: the key to surviving finals and saving your GPA

Photo courtesy of LionTutors

G.P.A. Three letters that mean so much to any college student. It has the potential to make or break a student’s college career—allowing access into majors and helping you get into grad school or secure an internship.

Some people may think a the road to your goal GPA is a walk in the park, but that is far from the truth. Typical high school studying techniques just won’t cut it for the classes one encounters at Penn State.

So, what’s the solution? Luckily, VALLEY has found one for you. LionTutors, located on East College Avenue, offers exam reviews, weekly reviews, study guides, and private tutoring for many of the popular classes taught at Penn State. Ranging from business classes, to science classes, and all of the in between, here are five ways LionTutors can save your GPA.

LionTutors saves you time in studying

During LionTutors review sessions, you are given a packet that focuses on the concepts that are most likely to appear on each exam. This allows you to use your time more wisely, so you’re not focusing on studying less important information.

LionTutors is convenient

With review sessions being offered on different days and times, you don’t need to work your schedule around LionTutors. You have the ability to pick whatever time is convenient for your busy schedule.

LionTutors allows you to hear the information again

Being taught information for an exam a second time is incredibly beneficial. It not only drills the information into your head, but also allows you to make sure you know all of the necessary details, in addition to realizing what you need to spend more time focusing on as you continue studying.

LionTutors gives you a practice exam

A lot of students struggle because they are not exposed to practice questions prior to the exam. With each review session, LionTutors not only goes through practice problems, but also gives you a practice exam, so you know you’ll be prepared to answer any question.

LionTutors offers private tutoring

It is okay to struggle! LionTutors offers private tutoring from students who know how to help you to succeed.

With finals week quickly approaching, know that you don’t need to face these exams alone. LionTutors is there to help you get the grades you want. What is your favorite thing about LionTutors? Tweet @ValleyMag and let us know!