Be Thankful for Thanksgiving

It’s the middle of November and we’re nearing the point where every student begins to get tired. School is stressful, the workload is picking up, and everyone just wants a break. Thankfully, Thanksgiving break is here and it is just what we need.

VALLEY is especially excited to be home and enjoy friends and family. We can’t wait to hang out with our siblings, best friends, and parents, all while enjoying the amazing food and getting a short break from our normal lives as students.

We at VALLEY want you all to make the most of your Thanksgiving breaks, whether you’re at home or spending your break away. Try to take a step back from the stress of everyday life and just live in the moment surrounded by people who make you happy.

Try to go on some new adventures throughout the week, whether it means trying a new restaurant with family and friends or exploring a new place near home. VALLEY is a huge supporter of taking artsy fall photos so you should definitely look for orchards, fields, or parks around your house if you want some fun pictures!

Appreciate every little moment, person, and place this Thanksgiving break. Be thankful for the world and the beauty surrounding you. Take time to be able to center yourself and to relax during this break.

While you’re with your family and friends, take a moment to look around and just bask in the presence of the amazing people in your life. Make yourself present in every moment and situation—try to disconnect yourself from technology while you’re surrounded by people.

Participate in every conversation and be truly involved and passionate about what you say. Sincerely listen to what people tell you and make an effort to thoughtfully respond.

Be thankful for the amazing people in your life and for all of the amazing opportunities at your fingertips. Try to worry less about your schoolwork over break. Just take the time to appreciate all that you have and how blessed you are.

Learn to love the little things and appreciate the fleeting moments. You truly only live once, and VALLEY wants you to make the very most of that one amazing life. Be thankful and be safe this Thanksgiving break!