Legion of Who?

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Even though there are only two home football games left, Penn State 2017 sports are far from over. Season tickets for the men’s basketball team are currently on sale. VALLEY recently caught up with senior Nick Malizia, president of the basketball student section, to get the scoop on the upcoming season.

Penn State’s basketball student section is called Legion of Blue. According to Nick, their goal is to “revamp the game day experience to make students more engaged in the game and enjoy what makes NCAA basketball great…we ask people to climb with us and it certainly will be a fun experience for all involved.”

Malizia is predicting a big year for the team. He says, “last year, they were a young team and certainly experienced some growing pains, but now they’re coming into this year more connected than ever and ready to play great Big Ten basketball.”

This year, buying season tickets gets you more than just great basketball. Malizia tells VALLEY, “you will have tickets to 13 games, including free food before each game…you also will receive invitations to exclusive basketball events and this year’s THON t-shirt.” This year, student season tickets cost $35 and can be purchased on the GO PSU SPORTS website.

To see any of the women’s team’s 15 home games, students don’t need a ticket. Games are free for Penn State students! Coming off of a strong 2016-2017 season, the team will definitely be one to watch.

According to Malizia, “the best part about Penn State basketball is the unique experiences you can have in the student section. The front row of our section is only a few feet away from the court, so you’re completely engaged in the game…the thrill of watching the drama of Big Ten basketball play out in front of you is incredible and it’s something that makes people keep coming back.”

Want to join Malizia and the Legion of Blue this season? Get your men’s season tickets before October 31! For more information on basketball and the Legion of Blue, follow @legionofbluepsu on Twitter and Instagram!


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