It’s OK to be a Loser

When you go to a school like Penn State, it’s pretty much a given that Thursday through Saturday (hey, maybe even a Wednesday) you can be seen roaming the streets of downtown heading to the nearest party or bar. Cute heels on, hair done up – the weekend is when students let loose from their busy weeks.

But what happens when you just don’t feel like it? It can be a major buzz kill when everyone in your GroupMe is hitting the nearest house party and you just want to curl up in a ball and sleep the night away. More often than not, you’ll probably receive an “Aww, you’re no fun” when you express interest in staying in which can make you feel bad.

Well, you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying in. It’s okay to be a “loser” on the weekends. Staying in has way more pros than cons.

You get to catch up on your shows

Crack open your cheap wine and cuddle up with some delicious pokey stix – your Shonda Rhimes marathon is waiting. Those missed episodes of American Horror Story and The Walking Dead you missed out on? All yours, babe. There is no greater gift to the world than fall television, and tonight it’s all about you and Hulu.

Peace and quiet

Sure, you ADORE your roommate, but everyone needs his or her space sometimes. Yes, you do feel slightly off-kilter without your partner-in-crime bouncing around the apartment, but don’t lie – it’s really nice to sit in your living room with absolute silence. No loud music, no taking turns for who gets the bathroom next and no bickering about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher. Total bliss.

The Double-Whammy: Rest + Relaxtion

We’ve all been there. You had three exams this week alone, your hours at work have been absolutely crazy and it feels like you can’t catch your breath. Slow your roller, Speedracer. Use your weekend wisely – everyone needs a little TLC. Invest in some relaxing face masks, light a couple of candles and take a hot bath. Just because you are taking a bubble bath in your sketchy apartment bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you’re getting the royal treatment at a spa. Unwind, my friend.

Have a much needed ‘Girls Night In’

Just because you don’t want to go out doesn’t mean you have to spend your night alone. Invite some friends over for a casual movie night and pizza. After the busy week you have had, you need the girl time to catch up and vent about each other’s lives. It’s a simple method that will blow off some built-up steam.

There are plenty of alternatives to having a foggy night and waking up with a hangover worse than death. Don’t be afraid to skip the party – there will be plenty more next weekend. We get it, Valley readers, you do you. Forget about FOMO – it’s okay to be a loser.


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