Is It Possible to Have Too Many Best Friends?

BFF. BFFL. Bestie. Best friend. Whatever you call the person closest to you, with this title comes much responsibility.

Yet the term can be used very casually. When you pronounce someone your best friend it tells the world that this person is above all normal spans of friendship. The bond is so incredibly important that one could go as far as saying that outside of a romantic lover, a best friend is, too, a soul mate.

Often, time is the biggest indicator of who is going to be a person’s best friend, but we can meet people and connect with them in a way that their intentions for us are better than those we have known forever. With this being said, the best friend title should be bestowed upon those who are truly worthy of it.

There may not be a set quota on how many best friends one can have in the terms and conditions of unspoken friendship contracts, but is it possible that due to pure congeniality our friendship pool is saturated with worthy and unworthy “best friends.” Can calling too many people your best friend undermine the sacredness of the term? Maybe.

“The people in your life offer you different things. They may have experience or insight that makes them better than others to turn to for troubling situations; but even if a best friend does not know the answer, you figure it out together,” says Bessie Ayala, a Security and Risk Analysis major.

Just like romantic relationships, maintenance is required in platonic relationships. Time, distance and even moods do not alter your best friend responsibilities. You do not share kids, a house or finances; your deep regard for one another is the only fiber holding the friendship together. When a person cannot turn to a significant other or a family member about their problems, the best friend is first in line as a confidante. Revealing your barest soul to another human being is scary, incredibly scary, and how your “best friend” responds to you doing so is a defining moment in the friendship.

It is a huge compliment to your character when someone thinks so highly of you to call you their best friend, but one of the best parts about a best friend is that you too get to reveal your truest self in a mutually welcoming space. Everyone has different needs and having more than one best friend may be ideal for some, but perhaps less is more. Protect your emotional space…

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