Say No to the Dress for Graduation

Photo by Jessica Korch

Graduation is fast approaching and finding the perfect outfit to wear on your big day can be a bit of a hassle among the millions of other things you have to do, like ensuring you actually do graduate on time. The focus of one of the biggest days of your life (wedding day is a close front runner) is indeed the fact you survived four years of all-nighters, life savings spent on Venti-sized Starbucks lattes and maybe a meltdown or two. With that being said, on graduation day you want to look so well put together to make up for all those school days where yoga pants and sweats reigned supreme. The typical go-to for graduation attire is a dress. While they are indeed lovely, everyone else around you is, too, wearing them. Valley came up with some alternatives for you.

1. Everybody jump, jump, jump!

A jumpsuit is a wonderful option for those who are looking for a comfortable option while sitting through graduation. It has the perfect amount of chicness. Paired with pointed-toe pumps, a cuff bracelet or statement necklace would complete the look.

2. I’ll pencil you in

A pencil skirt and neck tie blouse would be great for those who are still going for the more elegant look. Open-toe, heeled sandals or a classic pointed-toe pump work well for this look.

3. Suit it up

This is for the fashion dare devils. The great thing about this option is that when paired with the right shoes and accessories can round out the masculine edge a bit but still be daring.


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