How to Incorporate Pumpkin Spice into Literally Every Aspect of Your Life

Not to be dramatic, but really, what would October be without pumpkin spice? For all of those brave souls who order PSL’s with their heads held high: we applaud you, you inspire us. Embrace the cliché, because life is way too short to shun one of the greatest fall creations since jumping into piles of leaves.

VALLEY firmly believes in soaking up every little bit of pumpkin and spice until it’s time for Christmas and we can channel all of our seasonal cheer into peppermint mocha instead. Even though it is November, you don’t need to say goodbye just yet. VALLEY has taken the liberty of putting together a few ways to make sure that the rest of these fall days are filled with so much pumpkin spice that you’ll literally never want to look at another pumpkin again—well until next fall.

The Latte

And you thought we wouldn’t bring it up a second time, didn’t you? Well think again and don’t take too long, because the days are running out for you to squeeze into those Uggs that you’ve had since eighth grade and to head on down to your nearest Starbucks for the most taboo beverage one can order once the leaves start to fall. If you’re not the latte type, you can still get in on the festivities with this Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea from Tazo (and you can still rock those Uggs).

Everything Else

Once a year, the food pyramid we all know and love slaps on one extra category to get in the holiday spirit: (you guessed it) pumpkin spice. Trust us when we say that pumpkin spice snacks are not hard to find. With a quick trip to almost any grocery store you’ll be able to find everything from Oreos to Halo Top to Pop Tarts. Nutritional value: somewhere around zero, but everything tastes like you’re wearing a fuzzy sweater and carving jack-o-lanterns: priceless.

Fill the Air With It 

Nothing screams fall more than lighting a pumpkin scented candle in as many rooms as you possibly can. This Heritage Pumpkin soy candle from Target is perfect for doing just that. If your dorm or apartment is more of a flame-free fragrance kind of place, this Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake plug-in is perfect for when you want to give off that “I didn’t actually bake anything, but I still appreciate a solid fall-themed baked good” vibe.

Literally Bathe In It

Yes, you read that right. Sink right into all of that pumpkin goodness with this Pumpkin Icing shower gel by philosophy.  While you’re soaking up the spice, slather on this Pumpkin Cream Cake Moisturizing Cream Mask by Ulta and chill until your fingers prune up. Post-bubble bath, be sure to moisturize with this Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Chai body moisturizer by Hempz, and then mentally prepare to be as heavily scented as a preteen boy who just discovered Axe.

While VALLEY does support every fallen leaf, pumpkin patch, Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus marathon and, of course, the pumpkin spice that makes this season so seasonal, we also encourage you to enjoy pumpkin spice in moderation. Please enjoy responsibly—and by responsibly we mean go get that latte like right now.