How to Flaunt the Crop Top

Florio.CropTopsCrop tops are a staple of the spring and are an unfortunate phase for those of us who aren’t blessed with a P90X stomach. And some of us simply don’t care to flaunt the midriff. Luckily, there are easy ways wear crops tops while remaining confident and classy.

Keep in mind the one rule of dressing—choose one part of your body to flaunt. That is, expose your chest, legs or stomach while concealing the other two. Maintaining balance in your outfit will enable you to pull off your crop top in a fashionable and appropriate manner.

The most obvious way to cut down on skin exposure is to raise the hemline of the bottom half of your outfit. In other words, pair the crop with high waisted anything. High waisted jeans are perfect for a casual day look and can be spiced up with wedges for a night out. This ensemble exposes your stomach but covers your legs and chest.

Another option is to pair a crop top with a high waisted skirt. Skater and calf-length full skirts are on trend this season. Exposing a sliver of skin provides the perfect balance of sexy and sophistication. This outfit is appropriate for a hot date night or dancing at the bars. Additionally, with just a sliver of skin showing, you’re abiding by the original rule and flaunting only one body part, your legs.

When the cold front finally decides to make its way out of Happy Valley, pair a crop top with high waisted jean shorts and an oversized cardigan. Log on to Pinterest or Tumblr to draw inspiration, as the jean short outfit is a notoriously photographed on casual, frolicking girls.  The cardigan gives the illusion of concealing your stomach while showing off your legs.

If you’re vehemently opposed to showing any stomach or plan on wearing a crop top to a dressier setting, throw the mini shirt over another, full length top. As long as the shirt underneath compliments the crop, the outfit will look cute and smart. Shirts that work well underneath are generally looser-fitting and are sheer, lacey or cotton.

Remember that crop tops come in all different styles. You can purchase them boxy, tight, strappy, super-short or bustier-like. Make sure the fit of the top is the opposite of the fit of your bottom. For example, pair a boxy crop top with a tight pair of pants or chose a tight super-short crop top to match a full skirt.

Photo by Sam Florio


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