How To: Carry On Edition

If you will be boarding a flight this spring break, but don’t want to deal with pesky bag check-ins, taking a carry on is the perfect way to avoid the usual airline annoyances. Valley has the perfect tips on how to prepare a successful carry on that will make traveling easier.

Roll or fold it?

Rolling clothes is ideal for soft bags because you can fit more clothes into the nooks and crannies. For non-wrinkly clothes, such as jeans, rolling is a great option.

Folding is ideal for a structured suitcase, such as hard-shelled cases, and works for fancier clothes, or those that wrinkle easily.

A combination of both methods will maximize the space in your carry on and protect your clothes.


Shoes take up a ton of space in a carry on. Wear the bulkier pair to the airport, and maybe throw in a dressy or casual pair in the carry on. A nice pair of flats that can be dressy and casual is an excellent way to save space. Try to plan out outfits that are guaranteed to go with one or two pairs of shoes.


For products, less is more. Take only what you can’t live without. While on vacation, you won’t want to be bothered with a mountain of products, anyway. Store them in a flat, compact makeup bag rather than a bulkier one.

Dress for the Weather

Make sure to look at the weather in your destination place before leaving. This will help you avoid bringing things that you won’t actually use. For example, there’s no need to bring an umbrella or raincoat if it will not be raining at your destination.

Valley hopes that you have fun and safe spring break with stress-free packing!