Holidays From A Townie Perspective

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Oh, the Holiday season.

The time when, after everyone is done freaking out about finals, students pack up and head home for a well deserved break. While some have to drive (or fly) for hours on end, a select group of students only have to endure about a 10-minute commute home.

Townies have an interesting college experience. While they are of course thrown
into college just like any other student, it doesn’t seem as drastic as a change
because they are still in the town they grew up in.

Although school life is a bit different for townies, their breaks are full of catching up with high school friends who went to other schools and relaxing with family, similar to any other college student. All in the deserted town of good old State College.

Despite most students being gone, the action downtown doesn’t quit. Senior Lauren Kolarik, a State College native, knows firsthand how a downtown full of townies can get a little awkward.

“It seems like all the townies are out in full force over winter break,” Kolarik says. “Be prepared to see everyone you’d like (and not like) to see if you decide to go to the bars downtown!”

Running into that group of people you had some drama with in high school? Doesn’t sound so great. But hey, at least it might be entertaining!

Perhaps the biggest night for townies during winter break is First Night, State
College’s New Year celebration. During the downtown-wide event, Allen Street is
filled with extravagant ice sculptures, and a slew of musical performances take place at various downtown theaters.

Townies get to experience a transformed and lively State College similar to a cold, more family-oriented version of Arts Fest. Of course partying is a huge part of New Years Eve, but it’s a good opportunity to appreciate the town of State College and all it has to offer.

While the fun and activity in State College never ceases, townies still take the time to relax.

“The fall semester is so busy, that by the time winter break arrives, I am beyond
ready for a low-key couple of weeks,” Kolarik says. “I enjoy being at home and
spending time with family and friends in a relaxing way, so empty State College is

Photo by Sam Florio

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