Kooky Creamery Offerings

Goo Goo Cluster; sounds like a cereal for babies, right? What about Happy Happy Joy Joy… or some Arboretum Breeze? Are those air fresheners?

Guess again.

The ice cream experts at the Berkey Creamery on campus keep customers guessing what each flavor is with quirky names and unexpected flavor combinations.

When we asked creamery employee Alexandra Otero, a junior broadcast journalism major, about her favorite flavor, she said coconut chip, no question! She also said Teaberry was one of the new experimental flavors put into the 100 flavor rotation.

“You have to have the palette for that,” Otero says. “Some people despise it and some people love it!”

Ann Palowitch, a junior science major says the newest flavor full of Penn State pride is LionS’more.

“Everyone loves it once they taste it, but they get ‘weirded out’ when they see that it’s blue,” Palowitch says.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, then head to the creamery where employees like Brandon Munoz, a senior finance and accounting major, are scooping up famously large cones full of seasonal and traditional flavors. Flavors like Apple Cobbler Crunch and Pumpkin Pie should be served all year round, Munoz insists.

“This is the most fun job! It’s all about the size – everyone’s eyes bug out,” he says. “And the seasonal flavors are awesome. We don’t have Pumpkin Pie enough!”

If you haven’t visited recently, take a walk to the Berkey Creamery for one of the quirky menu items or a classic scoop of the very popular Cookie Dough, like Christian Callahan, freshman, says or Death By Chocolate like Will Graff, freshman, prefers!

Our top five choices on the current menu:

Berkey Brickle – Vanilla ice cream with peanut brickle pieces and caramel swirl

Apple Cobbler Crunch – Cinnamon apple-flavored ice cream with pie pieces and applesauce swirl

LionS’more  – Vanilla ice cream with graham cracker, chocolate pieces and marshmallow swirl

Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin flavored ice cream with pie pieces

Keeney Beany Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and vanilla bean

Be sure to check back at the creamery throughout December for an update of the fall menu to the winter menu items. Monster Mash, vanilla ice cream with oreo cookies and caramel swirl, may be gone after Halloween has passed, but we’re certainly looking forward to some Bavarian Raspberry Crunch, chocolate ice cream with Swiss mocha chips and red raspberry swirl and some Peppermint Stick, peppermint flavored ice cream with red and green peppermint candies – the perfect frozen holiday treat!

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh

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