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Zach Bryan, a country singer who grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma, has transformed from a humble indie-folk singer to a country sensation nearly overnight. Bryan is the fresh voice of authenticity that the country music world has been seeking.

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It’s worth mentioning that Bryan didn’t get lucky, he worked to get where he is now. He joined the US Navy at 17 years old and served for eight years before leaving to pursue his career.  His career began to take off after uploaded a video to youtube singing his original song, “Heading South” back in 2019. The video, filmed outside of Navy Barracks in almost 100 degree heat, is raw, brutal and has made listeners fall in love with him. His raspy voice and heartfelt lyrics force his audience to hear his story. With nothing more than an iPhone camera and passion for music, Bryan was able to captivate millions. 

“If it was my decision, I would never get out of the world’s greatest Navy, but here I am and they kindly honorably discharged me to go play some music.” – Zach Bryan

He wrote his first album “DeAnn,” an homage to his mother, over a short period of time in Jacksonville. He recorded his 12 song album in a small air BNB in Florida, with the simple intention to make good music for people to enjoy. Little did he know that the album would go on to achieve critical acclaim, and lead him to make his debut at The Grand Ole Opry in 2021 where he received two standing ovations from the crowd. Shortly after his performance he signed a record label with Warner Records. 

Bryan is arguably this generation’s Johnny Cash. His songs carry hints of rockabilly, folk, and country. The themes of Bryan’s music touch on emotions we all can resonate with; whether he’s expressing feelings of longing and loss, heartbreak or joy, there’s something for everyone. 

Recent songs like “Something in the Orange” and “Sun to Me,” both songs featured on his 34 song opus, “American Heartbreak,” have received an uproar of attention on TikTok, which has been another avenue for his career to expand within.

Since 2017 he has gained up to 14 million listeners on Spotify, and this is just the beginning for him. Bryan has so much promise for the future because of his undeniable and incredible talent, genuine persona and the connections he makes with his fans.  

Photo from Twitter.com
Photo from Twitter.com

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