Harry Styles to Draw A Fine Line Come December

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If someone told me that Harry Styles of One Direction fame would one day be in line to potentially stake claim inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I would have been skeptical to say the least. But now, after playing at the aforementioned hall of fame, with a debut album drawing comparison to the renowned David Bowie and a newfound air of “cool” behind the likely artist, Harry Styles is preparing to possibly do just that.

His second album titled “Fine Line” is due this December 13, confirmed via an Instagram post by Harry himself.

Photo posted by @harrystyles on Instagram

The fish eyed image features an array of pastel pink and blues, nicely contrasting the black accessories in the glove and Styles’ shoes. The ever-aesthetically pleasing Styles delivers on the early 70s glam rock look, an influence he has carried with him for some time now.

The polarizing boy band had their followers and their cynics; yet, something about Styles separated him from the all-successful pack. Be it his advocacy for kindness and global issues to his impactful role in the critically acclaimed film “Dunkirk,” it always felt hard for the masses to root against this one particular direction-er.

The album announcement follows the release of track “Lights Up.” An audibly spectacular lead single accompanied by ever-so-pleasing video to boot. Featuring a dampened Styles tussling with his internet-crashing hair, surrounded by a sea of gorgeous models all playfully grooving to a glistening guitar riff — and that’s just the first 10 seconds alone.

Rock “purists” might negate the Harry Styles from stepping anywhere near the genre. The pale-faced, naively romantic crooner might fit more in the “pop” realm, but his influences would be quick to come to his defense. With the term “genre” meaning less and less in defining an artist’s craft, Styles could very well help in building the ever-expanding world of “rock” music.

With an album premier show set at The Forum in Inglewood, California the night of the release, west coast fans will be treated with relatively cheap $25 tickets and a first look at where the star will take his sound next.


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