Harry Styles’ New Direction

Posted by @harrystyles

If anyone other than Harry Styles released a dark, confusing video with nothing but piano and the text “April 7,” it would be considered terrible marketing. But when you’re the former front man of One Direction, rules don’t apply to you.

On March 25, a 20 second video was released that featured Harry’s silhouette in a dim, smoky room. In the background, a melancholy piano solos on a simple melody. The ambiguous video ended with a date, leaving viewers and fans with more questions than answers. Is he releasing music? Is the background music from a new song of his? What’s happening April 7? And, where the heck is Harry?

A few days later, Harry took to Instagram to confirm that he was, in fact, releasing a single on April 7. The post also revealed the song’s title, “Sign of the Times.” The announcement received well over a million likes, proving that his loyal fans are ready for whatever he comes up with next. The post also featured what is almost certainly the album artwork. It has Harry sitting in a hazy, wavy, dreamy orange background. The photo marks a strong contrast from the sugary sweet album covers of his One Direction days, possibly indicating that the music will also be a big shift.

Music isn’t Harry’s only new venture, though. He also is making a name for himself on the big screen with a role in the upcoming film “Dunkirk.” Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie is expected to be both a hit and a favorite among critics. Famously, Harry had to chop off his signature long curls for the movie.

But Harry isn’t the only former One Direction member to be moving onto big things. Zayn, who left the group back in 2015, released a successful solo album and is dating model Gigi Hadid. Niall Horan, who often faded in the band’s background, surprised the world with a popular single “This Town.” And Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne really separated themselves from their boy band images by becoming fathers. Though Harry chose to keep quiet shortly after the band began their hiatus, he is ready to join his band mates in starting a new chapter of success post teen stardom.

While there certainly is a lot of buzz about Harry’s new single, not everyone is ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Freshman Forensics major Sydney Rednour told Valley, “I’m sure I’ll hear it somewhere once it comes out, but I won’t go out of my way to listen to it. I’m not really a fan.”

Sydney has at least one thing right — Valley has a feeling that by the end of April 7, this song will be everywhere!