Hair Obsessed: Products Worth the Price

We are spoiled women – when it comes to hair products, that is.

Today’s market has thousands of brands and products to choose from, each ranging in price and quality. But the hunt for perfect product has become overwhelming. Do we have too much of a good thing?

Drug store hair care brands carry hundreds of products, each claiming that their products are equal – if not better – to salon products at the discounted price. But the truth is, there is a difference.

Hair stylist Alli Lemon recently ranted about this in a ha-larious blog-post “10 Things Your Hairsylist Wants You to Know.”

“Do you see a lightning scar on my forehead? Am I carrying a wand? No, because I am not Harry Potter. I don’t magically change the texture, density, or curl pattern of your hair when I style it. I manipulate it with products. The reason your hair feels so much better after I smooth it than after you do, isn’t my hands, it’s the $33 dollar heat-protecting, smoothing spray I use. So don’t complain, “I can never make it look like you do,” when we both know you’re using Suave shampoo and Aussie hairspray when you get home. It’s not magic, it’s science.”

Lemon goes on to explain that the difference between drug store products and salon products is as simple  (or, as complex?)  as chemistry. The more qualified chemists work for the more luxurious brands – and with better quality ingredients, too. This combination of talent and quality yields the best results, she says.

Good news, ladies – the hunt just got easier. Even better news?  We now have an excuse to splurge. But what products are worth the price? Valley’s got you covered.


Moroccanoil Treatment by MOROCCANOIL®

What it does: Moroccanoil Treatment works by locking in moisture and protecting hair from harmful styling tools.

Why it’s worth it: This products leaves hair healthy, shiny and silky-smooth without creating a greasy-look.  Bonus points because it smells ah-mazing.

How much? $16.50 for a 0.8 oz bottle; $43 for 3.4 oz.
Where? Looks Salon on E. Calder Ave. 


Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Volumizing Spray Mousse by Sexy Hair

What it does: Its more than just hairspray. This product works to volumize roots and protect from humidity.

Why it’s worth it: Thick-haired girls, this is the spray for you. The volumizier works to give hair life and body without creating sticky grease.

How much? $17.95
Where? ULTA stores


Gentle Shampoo by Bumble and bumble 

What it does: This shampoo gently cleanses hair, repairing damaging and moisturizing at the same time.

Why it’s worth it: Perfect for the hair-experimenter, this product is super-mild, so it won’t do damage to your hair. It’s also numero dos on the Sephora best-seller list.

How much? $24 for an 8 oz bottle.  
Where? Sephora Stores


Pronto Dry Shampoo by Oscar Blandi

What it does: A time saver and life saver. This dry shampoo refreshes and revives days-old hair in a matter of minutes by soaking up oil and product-build up.

Why it’s worth it: Hair will not only feel fresh after use, but looks the part. It also leaves hair with a clean, lemon scent. Who says you have to shower every day?

How much? $21.00
Where? Sephora stores

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