Greasy Hair, Don’t Care?

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If having to schedule your shampoo days is plaguing your weekly routine, then it might be time to step back and assess the root of the problem itself: greasy hair.

The first two culprits of greasy hair might come as little surprise: shampoo and conditioner. While yes, shampoo can help clean out the scalp and getting rid of that grease, a daily wash can lead to adverse side-effects, makingthe slick hair come back even harder the next day. It might not be so stellar for the first few weeks, but the importance of cutting back on shampoo use to twice or three times a week is crucial in letting your scalp breath and produce its natural oils.

Conditioner, on the other hand, should be used daily. If you find that it gets greasy way too fast, then you might want to change products or how you are using it. Ask your hairdresser if what you are using is beneficial, as sometimes a conditioner can be too heavy for finer hairs. Some natural home remedies to alleviate the over-applying of conditioner involve the godsent apple cider vinegar, as well as tea treeoil.

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Next up, while you might feel the urge to run your hands through your hair roughly 100 times a class period, it may not be the best idea. The oils on your hands might not feel as though they are making a difference, they most certainly are in the long run (this goes for touching your face as well).

If you struggle with dandruff or dermatitis, Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus is a massively popular product for both men and women. The commercials, while sometimes corny, are outshone by raving professional reviews and a change in the companys ingredients. Recent studies have also proven an increase in hair growth and a reversal in thinning hairs thanks to the vitamins found within product itself.

Finally, when fresh out of the shower, go for a “cool” blow dry to help alleviate any sitting grease. While certain products may cause heat damage if overused, a blow dry as opposed to just an air dry, helps with the overproduction of your scalps natural oils. It is also recommended to only do so at the roots as they are the sole cause of the “greasy” hair.

Greasy hair is a common problem, but there are natural and easy remedies to help rid your hair of oils. Have a favorite grease-reducing product? Tweet us @VALLEYmag!


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