Good Seed Baking Company Hosts Second Annual Free Macaron Day

Image source: Twitter (@GoodSeedBaking)

Free is good. Macarons are good. Where can these two amazing things be found? Good Seed Baking Company on Fraser street!

It’s Celiac Awareness Month and Good Seed is celebrating the right way. A celiac is someone who is allergic to gluten and wheat ingredients in food. Gluten is basically anything tasty—but in truth it’s wheat. Therefore, anything from pastas, cakes, cookies, pizza and beyond are things that celiacs are allergic to. Thankfully, Good Seed makes eating those foods possible for celiacs.

Good Seed Baking Company opened up about a year ago and today they are celebrating their second annual Free Macaron Day.

Also having a free giveaway is sister store Fasta & Ravioli Company, located in Pleasant Gap. “We’re really excited to be here to do this for our community and give back to our customers,” says Bob Ricketts of Fasta & Ravioli.

Ricketts said the salted caramel are his favorite flavor of macaron but the lemon are probably the most popular. There are so many flavors that transcend the basics, such as blueberries and creme, lavender, raspberry cheesecake, passion fruit, birthday cake and pistachio.

About 11 a.m. Ricketts said they already had several 100 customers coming in and out of the store and expect more during the “power hours” of 11-2 and 4-6. Free tea, coffee and amazing customer service are also perks that go great with your free macaron.

Another bonus the bakery is presenting is if you post a picture of your freebie, tag @goodseedbakingco and hashtag #GoodSeedGiveaway you are entered to win a $50 gift card!

Go on down to Good Seed before 6 p.m., get your free macaron, tea and coffee and post those pictures so you can satisfy your craving when you run out.


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