Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

GiftForGuyGirlFriend.MaryDuggan As well as you know your boyfriend, holiday shopping for him never gets any easier.

“The hardest part of picking a gift for my boyfriend is making it personalized rather than getting the generic Christmas present,” says college of DUS freshman Meghan Hoerz.

Big department stores try to tell you exactly what your man would want – a “one gift fits all” type of advertising. But, we know that’s simply not the case. There are all kinds of boys with all kinds of interests and their gifts should be tailored to fit those interests.

Thoughts of panic fill your head as the holidays get closer. You don’t want to get your boyfriend the same generic shirt that 100 other girls are buying their boyfriends. But, you also don’t want to get him something he doesn’t even like. What’s a girl to do?

Have no fear, Valley is here. Consider these gifts for your guy’s specific personality.

If your boyfriend is…


He probably already owns the jerseys, hats and maybe even signed memorabilia of his favorite sports team. But, if you have a sport-loving guy, look into two tickets to an actual game. Depending on your budget, you may not be sitting at the 50-yard line or courtside (we are college students on a college student budget, after all). But, relatively decent seats for most professional sporting events shouldn’t break the bank.


If your boyfriend is the one who is constantly scribbling on scrap paper or doodling on napkins, he probably could use a better place to express his ideas. A leather-bound journal is not too expensive and can be a great outlet for your boyfriend’s artistic nature. Whether he’s an aspiring author, poet, artist or just a creative guy, a nice journal is practical and shows thoughtfulness.

Party animal

He’s the life of the party. Nothing is fun until he shows up and everyone knows it. If your man is a party animal (and 21!), a personalized flask with his initials engraved in it could be exactly what he’s been waiting for. It’s fun and he’ll definitely get use out of it. If you can, pair the flask with a bottle of his favorite alcohol. Cheers!

Music lover

Whether he plays an instrument or is a music junkie who appreciates just listening, a vinyl record player is something unique he would love. It is different and something he can use daily. The best part is it makes choosing future gifts much easier – records! Once you get him the player, you can slowly add to his record collection on his birthday, your anniversary, etc.

Your boyfriend is a special guy, so his gift should be too. Happy shopping!

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