Five Thrifted Decor Pieces to Brighten up Your Living Space

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The approaching new school year brings new opportunities to decorate your living space and turn it into a new home. While shopping for apartment or dorm decor can be exciting, the price tag isn’t. VALLEY suggests giving thrifting and antiquing a shot when it comes to creating a stylish living space on a college student budget.

Thrifting helps find unique home decor accessories that will help your wallet while also help in being eco-friendly by lowering your carbon footprint.

Since you probably do not have a lot of room in your furnished dorm or apartment, VALLEY suggests buying small pieces to add to your living space that can spice it up and make it show your personal style. Here are five things you can find at a thrift store to liven up your apartment or dorm this upcoming fall:


Rugs are a staple piece that can be used in any room you’re decorating, whether it be your dorm room or the living room of your apartment. Depending on your personal style, rugs and carpets can add a nice pop of color or design to a bare room. For a more fun look, VALLEY suggests experimenting with layering different types of rugs.


Artwork and wall decor are an easy way to make your walls less bare and a room feel complete. When thrifting, you’re bound to find many different styles of art that will also range in size so you can find what works best for you. You might also find small sculpture artwork too that can serve as a nice touch to put on your desk or coffee table.

Vases and Plants

Flowers and plants can freshen up a room, as well as serve as a great decor accessory. Finding different vases that range in shape, size and colors can reflect your style and can become the home of fresh cut flowers and plants in your future living space. You can also look out for hanging pots to put fresh plants in to have a unique touch in your room.


Mirrors may seem like just a boring necessity to a room, but you can thrift unique mirrors that give off a vintage feel. Mirrors can be used as wall décor, and you can hang various different mirrors on a wall to give off a unique and stylistic look.


Books are not only good for the mind, but as decoration too. You can shop for inexpensive books to read that will also serve as decor. You can find coffee table books, as well as smaller old books that can be stacked on tables or book shelves and look pleasing to the eye.

Whatever your style may be, thrifting can allow you to find distinctive pieces that reflect your personality. VALLEY suggests going to different thrift stores this summer while you’re home, and the shopping will not only be rewarding, but also be a fun experience with your friends or future roommates.


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