Fit and Fashionable: Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

kate-hudson-600x450Fabletics – fabulous athletic wear. Who doesn’t want to look fashionable and stylish while working out? You can say goodbye to those old gym clothes that are not the least bit attractive.

Kate Hudson’s new line for JustFab, called Fabletics, has made activewear for women a whole lot cuter while being completely functional and affordable at the same time. Hudson is a very active mom who was looking for activewear that could cross over between workout and fashion, and she achieved just that with her new line, which came out this past fall.

Hudson’s line offers several different types of athletic wear for any type of workout including yoga, running and cycling. It includes both gym and outdoor wear. Fabletics allows women to feel powerful and comfortable with their bodies while working out in any atmosphere.

You may be wondering what sets Fabletics apart from other activewear retailers? Fabletics is known for it’s ability to personalize your shopping experience by offering customers VIP membership perks, exceptional customer service and an online community that is there to support their customers with any needs they may have.

So how does Fabletics work? All you have to do is sign up and take a lifestyle quiz, which helps to ensure your shopping experience is personalized to your likes and needs. Every month, the stylists at Fabletics will choose outfits for you based on the answers to your lifestyle quiz.

There is never an obligation to buy any of the chosen outfits, and there is no fee for signing up, you simply just purchase the outfits that you love. Aside from the chosen outfits the stylists pick out, you can also shop the top sellers and Kate Hudson’s favorite styles as well, so there are endless opportunities to find the perfect workout clothes.

Most outfits from Hudson’s line start at $49.95 for VIP members for a two-piece set. Three piece sets run around $59.95. You may be thinking that these prices are a little bit steep for workout clothes, however you have to remember what you’re getting: fashionable workout clothes, form-fitting and comfortable that fit to your body type. Trust us, it’s worth the price.

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