Final Exam Preparation

JessicaKorch_PrepforFinalsIt’s the end of the semester… and that means finals are just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Here are a few tips to help yourself prepare for finals week:


1. Look at your final exam schedule. If you haven’t checked that eLion page in a while, or ever, now is probably a good idea to do so. Check both the days and times of your exams. If you have multiple exams in one day, figure out how much time you will have in-between. It’s also good to make a prediction about how much sleep you may, or may not, be getting.

2. Determine the deadlines for your last quizzes and homework assignments. For most of us, there still may be a several things to accomplish before finals week even begins. Try your best to get all those homework assignments done early and out of the way. The less you have to worry about closer to finals, the better your week will go.

3. Prioritize exams and courses. After finishing all remaining coursework, take some time to calculate your grades. Also, take a look at your syllabus to determine how much the final exam for each course is worth and what you need to earn on the final to receive the grade you’ve hoped for. Prioritize exams based on the courses that are most important to your major.

4. Begin organizing notes and study material. Hopefully you’ve kept all your notes organized and tidy because if you have a cumulative final, you’re going to need them. Find all your past quizzes and exams; they are excellent study tools and good predictions for what to expect. If you have several cumulative finals, skim back through your notes to get a feel for what material your mind needs to refresh. Make note of all chapters and topics that will be covered on the final.

5. Make a study schedule. Study schedules for finals are sometimes hard to plan, simply because of the amount of material that needs to be covered. Ideally, it’s best to begin reviewing for finals weeks in advance. However, strive to dedicate the most study hours to those exams of highest priority. You should have a reasonable prediction for which exams will take the longest to study. Don’t underestimate how many hours it will take to prepare; it’s best to have extra time than not nearly enough time. The best thing you can do when making this schedule is to allow yourself ample time to eat, sleep and exercise. If you plan a full night’s sleep in advance, the less likely you will be to pull an all-nighter. Account for review sessions, study groups and office hours, as well.

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