Tone it Down

JessicaKorch_ToneitDownSpring is right around the corner, and that means that love is in the air. While we all love ourselves some good ol’ fashioned romance (who doesn’t want to meet the perfect man and live happily ever after like a Disney movie?), there is a time and a place for the mushy stuff.

And the HUB at 9 a.m. is not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, being in a relationship is great. Kudos to those who have been able to find someone they connect with on all 23 levels of compatibility and stuff, but for those of us who are not in your relationship, seeing you make out in the morning while we’re trying to get to class is just… unnecessary.

If you’re that into someone, you can wait until you’re in private to express those feelings. Find yourself a place where you can show your partner how much you care without having hundreds of bystanders, or more accurately, casualties involved.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you may need to tone down your PDA:

Am I in a busy place where other people will have to see me kissing or touching my partner in places that are not so PG? If yes, reassess your PDA level.

Am I standing in the way of other people who are trying to get somewhere? If yes, relocate.

Am I currently walking or doing something that requires my attention? If yes, do not kiss your partner. You do not have the coordination to say, walk up the HUB stairs while kissing your significant other and not be in someone else’s way. It’s just not a thing.

Again, those of us who are single are not bitter and hating on your relationships. Relationships are beautiful and great and super adorable.

In summation, hand holding and cuddling is a go. However, what goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Always.

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