Fanny Pack Essentials for THON Weekend

Photo by Alex Webster

Calling all THON-ers. It’s fanny pack season. With THON less than a week away, it’s crunch time, so get on your A-game and grab your fanny pack.

Whether you’re dancing, on a committee or standing with your organization, THON is exhilarating and can be hard work at times. You are going to need some essentials in that fanny pack of yours to help get you through the weekend.

Baby Powder

Baby powder can work so many wonders. This stuff is amazing to put on your feet to prevent swelling — or smell. You can also put it in your hair to take away grease. Baby powder is a life saver THON weekend to keep you fresh. You can find small bottles that will fit in your fanny pack at McLanahan’s.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a great item to have at hand in your fanny-pack. Whether you are feeling sweaty or sticky, the sanitizer can wash all that away. You will feel refreshed in just one drop. Fun-sized bottles of hand sanitizer can again be found at McLanahan’s.

Matti Davis, a senior Dancer Relations committee member, says hand sanitizer is an essential in her fanny-pack.

“I am a clean/neat freak, so I use my hand sanitizers constantly cause I never want to be sick,” she says.

Lip Balm

If you are a frequent lip balm user, don’t forget to throw it in your pack! You find various kinds of lip balm at Target on Beaver Avenue and Fraser Street. Valley loves eos lip balm. Davis also considers lip balm to be a super important item THON weekend.

“My ChapStick is always needed cause who wants dry lips?” says Davis.

You can also pick up ChapStick at McLanahan’s and Target!

Snack Time

Dancers will receive meals and snacks, but committee members and those standing with their organization will not. Make sure you pack a healthy snack that will give you the energy to keep on dancing. Valley loves KIND snacks! KIND has an array of delicious snack and breakfast bars and even granola full of nutrients. These snacks are the perfect fix THON weekend to satisfy your hunger while keeping you healthy and energized!


To stay fresh and minty THON weekend, grab a pack of 5 Gum for your fanny pack. Dancers should most definitely still pack a tooth brush for the weekend, but gum is a great, quick fix for bad breath! You can find 5 Gum at any drug store downtown.

Water Gun

The last, but certainly not least, essential on our list is a water gun. You won’t want to miss out on the many water gun fights with the kids! And these kids are sneaky, so you will certainly need to be prepared with your own water gun at hand. You can find a pack of mini water guns to fit right in your fanny pack at Walmart!

Tip: Be sure to make sure your water gun is not leaking in your fanny pack with your phone in there, as well. The last thing you want THON weekend is a water-damaged phone.

Make sure to pack your fanny pack full of these essentials THON weekend so that you can stay refreshed and energized enough to be there For The Kids!