Everything You Need To Know About The Bun Hat

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The feeling of gearing up to walk through an arctic tundra on the way to class is all too familiar to the average Penn State student.

The 15-minute walk to Willard can begin to feel like a few miles when you’re not wearing enough layers and the temperature hits the single digits. Rolling out of bed 30 minutes before your 9:05 lecture and throwing your hair up in a messy bun sounds like the most convenient idea—that is until your ears have basically developed frostbite.

Posted by @MadeWithATwist on Etsy

Recently, a new trend has taken storm for this brutal winter, and it might just be the quick fix to this common struggle.

For those who drift off of Canvas during their 100 Thomas lectures, you’ve probably seen ‘the bun hat’ craze advertised on many fashion platforms. Yes, the hat is exactly what it sounds like it would be: a knit hat with a hole on the top made for your messy bun, ponytail or even braid. Finally, local shop owners and online websites have found the solution to this problem many girls face, trying to stay warm and all the while staying fashionable.

This trend is quickly gaining popularity everywhere, and VALLEY is here to tell you where you can grab one of these fashionable and functional hats for yourself so you can brave this brutal State College winter!

The Makery

Located right in State College, this little studio on West Calder Way won’t just have these hats out on display, but will actually teach you how to make your own! The Makery specializes in creative classes, parties and events. Their beautiful and bright studio offers an Open Studio Saturday, where community members and students are encouraged to come and create anything of their own. Don’t know how to knit? You will when you leave The Makery! Next time you and your friends have nothing to do on Saturday, stop by The Makery and create your own bun hat.


Your procrastinating may finally pay off. Next time you find yourself scrolling through Etsy instead of finishing a pending assignment, be sure to check out these adorable and cost-friendly knitted hats! These hats are typically under $20, and there are over 100 small shops to choose from. Etsy has millions of one-of-a-kind items, so you have a wide variety at your fingertips. Even better, you’re purchasing your hat directly from someone who put their heart and soul into making something special just for you!

Independent Sellers

Aside from Etsy sellers and small shops, you can also purchase these hats from local crafters. Terri Harvey, located in Hamilton, N.J., has jumped on board with this trend and has found great success in selling bun hats.

“I saw the idea on Pinterest,” says Harvey. “I’ve been crocheting since the seventh grade, so it was actually very easy to make once you get the hang of it!”

Interested in one of these hats? You can reach Harvey at 609-977-8094 and place an order!

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