Dressing your Derriere

Williams.DressYourButtSoon the season of nonstop leggings will be upon us as we bundle up to brave the frosty State College winters. But before you storm Lululemon’s website, you have to make sure your apple bottom looks good in those jeans.

Shop like you mean it

Pants shopping can be more difficult than having to schedule classes while E-lion is down. When you go pants shopping, stay focused, and plan on being in the mall or whatever store for a while. You can cut down on your time in store by doing your research first and figuring out what cut–boot, flare, straight–you want. Go to a store that has a wide variety of styles so you can zero in on your favorite style. Keep in mind that the same cut in different brands can fit you differently, but choosing one you like can help the process less overwhelming.

‘Crack style’ does not exist

Pants do come in low-rise styles but that does not mean it is a butt-crack style. Low-rise jeans should hit right above your crack to maintain that balance between edgy and way too much info. However, if you do show your crack, ensure your backside is properly moisturized to provide a pleasant, non-ashy view of your butt. And work that crack like you mean it.

Have a butt buddy

Tights are not leggings. Tights normally do not have the same thickness as leggings so you may be giving everyone an accidental peep show of your undergarments. Even some leggings are not quite thick enough to wear as pants. Grab your most-trusted butt buddy and have them check out how your butt looks. Or stick your arm down the leggings to test the sheerness. Even if they’re not opaque enough for pants wear, they can still be great for layering under dresses or skirts or for those colder days, under jeans.

Do a 360

Before you leave in the morning, check yourself out in the mirror. Do a full turn-around to make sure you’re covered like you want to be. In the morning rush it’s easy to run right out the door without a single glance, but the mirror is the last checkpoint you have before classes. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Double check the areas where the fabric stretches the most to make sure no accidental seam is running the length of your crack.

Being kind to your behind can be hard, especially in the midst of classes, work, friends and clubs. But it’s one more way to take an extra second for yourself and make sure your style shows all the way down to your toes.

Photo by Shantelle Williams

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