Borrow from the Brits

AnaElmasllari_BorrowFromTheBritsIf you want to add to your style, look no further than the British streets. Paris and Milan may be the fashion capitals of the world but the Brits know how mix reserved pieces with funky accents to create a punky chic look that is all their own. So why not borrow it?


Pulling off this traditional British staple may seem daunting, but wearing these shoes can add an edge to any outfit. Pick a color that goes with anything–say patent black leather, this way you don’t have any clashing issues. Oxfords can be paired with a dressy outfit to add to the look, or can be used as a contrast to a grunge t-shirt and jeans.

The Hunting Jacket

Modeled after the old English fox hunting jacket, this fashionable wear-all is the perfect, lightweight outerwear for fall. Though the British brand Barbour originally coined the jacket as a fashion piece, much less expensive brands have taken a cue and made their own. Add this jacket to any outfit–because they typically come in army greens and grays, they look good on almost any skin tone–for a borrowed from the boys look that is both high fashion and functional.

The Adventurous Accent

The Brits may be known for being reserved, but they spare no self-expression when it comes to accessories. British women, whether age 20 or going on 60, have been known to have wild hair, nail polish and make up. It’s not uncommon to see a 50-year-old mother with toned down purple/brown hair and neon blue nails. This fearlessly unique self-expression is something Americans need more of. Why not dye your hair crazy colors? Why not try new makeup trends that stand out? If it expresses who you are, you shouldn’t disregard it as tacky or unfashionable.

Photo by Ana Elmasllari 


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