DIY Glow Stick Chandelier

Fell in love with the glow stick chandeliers we made for our Hunger Games-themed Throw a Party? With a few supplies and just four steps you can make your own!


Materials used:

Wire circle base used for wreathes
Can be found at Jo-ann’s fabric, Michael’s, etc.

Metallic silver spray paint

String or fishing line

Glow sticks with the hook
Alternative: use scissors to cut through top of glow stick to hang on the wire circle


How to make it:

1. Spray paint the wire circle with the metallic silver paint (or your color of choice).

2. Take four strands of string/fishing line and tie ends together. Secure this tied end to the ceiling.

3. Tie the four strings, evenly spaced, to the outer edges of the wire circle to hang the chandelier.

4. Hook glow sticks onto outer circle of the wire circles.


We want to see your completed DIY glow stick chandelier! Tweet at us or tag us on Instagram at @valleymag.

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