Connecting Your Major With A Career

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Sometimes it feels like your major is leading you towards a dead end, when in reality, there are endless career opportunities for each and every major out there. Penn State has a huge variety of majors in every academic college, and VALLEY’s got you covered for finding a career path for your major. Whether it’s a typical job or a unique one, here’s the reassurance you didn’t know you needed when it comes to making the connection between your degree and a future job. 

College of Agricultural Sciences

Make the surrounding community your own personal canvas when becoming a landscape designer. Or, maybe you want to take a different path with this degree and become a research director to help start new projects.

College of Arts and Architecture

Help families build their dream home as a residential architect. If you’re more of a fine arts person, work in your city’s local art museum and surround yourself with your passion everyday.

Smeal College of Business

Follow Angela’s career path and become an accountant. However, if crunching numbers isn’t your style, try teaching your interest about the world of business as a professor.

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Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications

Assist in the advertising world when companies are searching for unique ways to promote their products. If advertising isn’t what you’re looking for, dive into the podcasting and radio sector to have your voice heard.

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Preserving our Earth’s resources is essential in today’s society. Getting involved with natural resource management is the perfect way to apply this knowledge to a career. An alternative is turning this passion into a teaching career by educating others about the importance of this field.

College of Education

Most education majors have a calling to become a teacher. However, if you have your mind set on something else, look into becoming a guidance counselor or admissions director at a university.

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College of Engineering

Constant research and development of systems isn’t for everyone, but if it is, follow that passion for engineering. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique related to your major, look into information and privacy protection in computer engineering.

College of Health and Human Development

Nutritionists are an essential profession in our world, and many students coming out of college with a health and human development degree follow that path. Another way to put this degree to use is diving into behavioral research and sciences.

College of Information Sciences and Technology

Information technology is a fast growing industry with so much technology advancement in a short period of time. Software designers are always needed if you plan to graduate within this field. Another way to take advantage of this major is by getting involved with online networking and helping to advance it.

College of Liberal Arts

A degree in the liberal arts can take you in hundreds of different directions, so there’s no doubt you’ll find a job that matches your field of interest. Economists with a liberal arts degree make a huge impact on our society. You could also teach your passion to other students by becoming an educator.

Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing

Nurses are always needed around the world. However, if you change your mind about working in a hospital, there is always a need for people in the health professions to speak up about the importance of health and promote it throughout the community.

Eberly College of Science

Biologists, chemists and physicists are typical careers from graduates with science degrees. Try out a more unique science by getting into the research and testing of the environment. 


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