Career Prep with Royalty: Intern Queen Lauren Berger to Speak with Penn State Students

LB_HiResNavigating the intimidating waters of internship searches and career building can be a daunting task for everyone. Between cover letters, resumes and interviewing, it can be hard to get a head start and have a competitive edge.

But have no fear,‘s CEO and Founder Lauren Berger has got you covered. Berger has teamed up with Ford for the Ford College Ambassador Challenge to provide college students with the tools necessary to become driving forces in the job market. Along with several other universities across the country, Berger plans to stop by Penn State to share her wise words with the student body.

A useful tool for collegiate go-getters, provides students with a free platform to apply for internships in several different job fields. The site also posts daily content with tips and tricks for students to be the best intern and employee out there.

A Florida native and UCF graduate, Berger is a career-savvy powerhouse. During her college years, she interned with 15 different companies, working at places like NBC, Fox News, Backstage Magazine and NBC. In 2009, she left her first real-world job to found the website that got her to the top.

“I started Intern Queen when I was a senior in college. My parents thought I was crazy,” says Berger of her risky career move. “I couldn’t get rid of my idea at my first job, and it was tormenting me. Finally in 2009, I said ‘I have to try to do this thing.’ I was not an entrepreneur. I only had $5000 worth of savings, and I just said ‘let’s do this.'”

But Berger didn’t stop there. In addition to founding a successful startup, she’s also an accomplished author. Berger’s latest book release, Welcome to the Real World, provides readers with a tell-all guide on how to kickstart your career, be the best employee that you can be and shape your dream career.

“It’s everything I wish someone told me when I graduated college,” says Berger of her most recent publication. “This is the book that all of my friends and I wish we had [in college].”

During her visit, Berger will discuss how to get an internship, resume and cover letter advice, after-graduation success and will share some personal anecdotes from her career and internships experiences. As an added bonus, Ford executives will be there to offer some advice to students as well. 

Berger will speak on Oct. 20 from 6-8 p.m. in 102 Thomas. The first 50 attendees will receive a free copy of Welcome to the Real World, and a 15-minute Q+A Session will follow the presentation.

It’s safe to say that Berger is a force to be reckoned with, and now you have to opportunity to hear what she has to say. Mark your calendars and check out the event details. The event is open to any and all students, so don’t miss out!

Photo provided by Lauren Berger

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