Borrowing from the Boys: Shopping in the Men’s Department

Photo by Kate Perkins

The women’s section has its perks, like cute skirts, crop tops, and jeans that hug your curves, but it occasionally has its downsides. How often do you try on a shirt only to find out it is nearly see through, or discover a pile of knit sweaters that are so thin you would need five just to stay warm? That’s why this fall we’re heading in a new direction: the men’s department.

The men’s section often offers better quality fabrics at lower prices. For example, Urban Outfitters currently carries acid washed flannels in the men’s section for $54, while a similar ladies’ flannel will cost nearly $60.  

Still afraid to venture into new frontiers? Don’t be! Plenty of fashionable ladies are breaking into the boys club to find pieces they love. We ran into some fashionistas shopping at TJ Maxx this week and asked if they had ever shopped in the men’s section before. “Are you kidding me?” says junior public relations and international politics major, Zoe Monborne, “Yes!” In fact all three shoppers had done it before and would do it again. What are their go-to steals? “Oh flannels for sure,” says Kaitlyn Twombly, junior majoring in international politics, “and graphic tees!” “One time I bought a men’s T-shirt to wear as a T-shirt dress,” says Maddie Costa, junior majoring in advertising. And that’s the beauty of breaking the rules — you can rock your menswear anyway you like.

Here are a few pieces we recommend trying out.


Men’s beanies and baseball caps run a bit roomier which is perfect for girls with thick hair.


Thick wool socks are essential for winter, and you can buy packs of them super cheap. If the menswear socks are too large, socks from the boys department work great as well.



Graphic Tees

Rock these like you would a normal top, or grab a size up and turn it into a dress. Stretchy tees can be easily turned into a sexy off-the-shoulder look as well.

Boyfriend Jeans

You don’t need a boyfriend to get into these pants.


Men’s sweatshirts and sweatpants are another great steal, buy them extra large for an overdose in comfy coziness.

Chunky Sweaters

Slouchy cardigans and oversized pullovers are a must. The sultry Mr. Rogers look is definitely a thing.


These thick, cotton bottoms make the perfect pajama shorts. Don’t hesitate to pick up all the crazy, cool designs!

Now that you know what you’re looking for, where should you go? Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, and Target are all great places to start, but really anywhere that sells men’s clothes is fair game. If you’re feeling shy about making the switch, you can always browse the men’s section online instead. No matter how you choose to shop, these cozy men’s trends are definitely worth checking out!



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