Best Outdoor Study Spaces at State!!

Image from @pennstate on Instagram
Image from @pennstate on Instagram

Spring is here, the skies are blue, and finals season is among us. The beautiful sunny weather has boosted serotonin on campus, however, the end-of-the-year assignments can cancel that out. There are so many beautiful outdoor study spaces on campus, it is the perfect time to utilize those locations and get work done. This list will not include places like the HUB lawn or Old Main lawn because those are often crowded, the following locations are less popular and more private, allowing each student to lock in and focus on their work. 

Image from @pennstate on Instagram

The Hintz Alumni Garden (aka the duck pond) is a hidden gem on campus. It is located near the Hammond and Sackett buildings. The garden features benches, a gazebo and the famous duck pond! It is surrounded by a lush and spacious lawn. Enjoy the privacy and the beauty of campus at this secret spot. 

The front lawn of the Business and Forest Resources Building are another great spot to lie on during a beautiful spring day. Located at the edge of campus, there is not a lot of action that way. There are ledges, benches, and other locations nearby to sit and study as well. Bring a blanket, your work and bake in the sun! 

If you want maximum privacy, the garden under the Millenium Science Building is perfect. That area of campus is more private to begin with and there are benches submerged in the bushes and lush gardens. If you prefer sitting in the shade this is definitely the spot for you! 

Image from @pennstate on Instagram

The Arboretum at Penn State is extremely underrated. It features lovely gardens, fountains, ponds, lawns, playgrounds, statues and so much more. There are plenty of benches and seats in the Arboretum. It is the perfect place to enjoy nature and get some peace and quiet. Need a break? Take a stroll! There are endless acres to explore! Check out the pollinator and bird garden as well as the Childhood’s Gate children’s garden! Take in a breath of fresh air and relax. 

Image from @pennstate on Instagram

Overall, it is a great idea to get out and explore campus for yourself! There are so many hidden spots on campus which would make great study spaces. Go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather for the few weeks left in the semester! 

What is your favorite study spot on campus? How is the spring weather treating you? Tweet us @VALLEYmag and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


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