Spring Showcases at State!

Photo from @pennstate on Instagram
Photo from @pennstate on Instagram

It is no secret that Penn State is a big school for sports, but what about the arts? With over a thousand clubs and organizations on campus, students have many opportunities to perform. Whether in dance, theater, or music, Penn State allows students to continue to enjoy their passions. With the school year coming to a close, many of these programs are showcasing their talents. 

Image from @pennstate on Instagram

Penn State’s School of Theater’s Centre Stage, will be performing Emilia from April 11-22. In Shakespeare’s Sonnets, he speaks of a “dark lady.” Various historians have different speculations on who the “dark lady” is, some believe it was a woman named Emilia. The play will be taking a look into Emilia, and telling her story on the stage. Centre Stage will be performing at the Pavilion Theater and tickets can be purchased online. This is their last show of the year and they have put on many other performances, so make sure to check it out! 

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Volé, Penn State’s largest dance organization, is having its spring showcase on April 2nd. The showcase is titled “Groove” and will feature a disco-themed production as the final number. There are around two-hundred dancers performing in the showcase. Featured styles include jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, pointe, musical theater, tap and much more! Additionally, the show will consist of twenty-seven other dances, including numbers from their Performance Company (seen in THON), a seniors only number, and a solo performance from one of the members of Alpha Sigma Phi (Volé’s THON partner). The organization has almost three hundred members and accepts everyone. The showcase will be at Eisenhower Auditorium, and tickets can be purchased via an online link, calling a phone number, or stopping at the box office before the show. 

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Penn State’s Performing Art Council is having its spring showcase at the very end of the semester. The showcase is on April 27th and will be held at Schwab Auditorium. The PAC is organized into five groups: instrumental music, theatrical performance, dance performance, acapella/vocal performance, and oratory and programming. The spring showcase, which will be at Schwab, showcases all different types of art. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a large range of organizations perform. More updates will be on the PAC Instagram account!

Penn State’s organizations cater to all of the arts! It is so awesome to go to a school that has so much diversity. Will you be attending any of these showcases? Show your support for the arts and tag us @valleymag with any pictures!


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