Best Headphones for College Students

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In most places you walk on campus, hoards of people will be looking at their phones with music blasting in their ears. Walking from class to class is a lot more enjoyable when you can tune out all of the people around and just listen to some jams, and going to an exam or speech is way better when pump-up tunes are blasting in your headphones.

VALLEY has selected some options for students if you’re looking for an alternative to the classic AirPods, whether you’re looking for different quality of sound or a cheaper alternative. There are a ton of different choices for each type of music lover.

Koss Porta Pros
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These headphones are the option for someone looking for a unique choice. They also are quite cheap, being only $49.99. Although many people enjoy them, they were popularized for a minute by TikTok users posting about their special aesthetic. They are notoriously comfortable, have high-quality sound for the cost, and look cool. For over-the-ear headphones, these also were designed to not put too much pressure on your ears, as other headphones do. Overall, they are a good choice for someone who wants something a bit different.


This option is a classic and a go-to for many college students. Although the fact that they die and it is not always easy to know their battery level, they do charge quite quickly. But they are expensive and for many, they fall out easily. The traditional AirPods are $100-120, the Pros are $170 and the newest over-the-ear options are $450. It is hard to say whether they’re worth the investment or not. What we do know is that having no wire makes them super convenient and subtle to wear around, and they’re so small that they fit in any pocket. Being able to track them from your phone is also a plus.

Beats Solo Wireless

For something a bit more expensive yet high quality, these over-the-ear Beats have a high sound quality and look pretty cool. They have 40 hours worth of battery, so they last quite long for rechargeable Bluetooth headphones. Although sometimes they can hurt your ears if they’re on for too long, they might be worth splurging on if you care about the quality of music, and they fold right up to go into a bag.

Sony WF-1000XM4
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Many websites consider this the best option for sound quality and noise canceling. The Sony WF-1000XM4 are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They are pretty expensive, at $278, although cheaper than the Beats and Apple over-the-ears options. They are as subtle and small as AirPods, fit well and have great quality. These would be a great option to bring around campus, although since they are so small it could be easy to lose something so expensive.

Whatever your preference is, music gets us all through classes. Therefore, they’re essential!


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