Banish Shine This Spring

Spring: warmer weather, iced coffee, and…oily skin? It’s natural for your body — and especially your face — to produce more oil during warmer months. The heat and humidity during springtime causes you to perspire and produce excess oil. If the oil sits on your face long enough, you’ll see pimples and blackheads start to form. Although breakouts are an inevitable part of life, it is possible to combat Mother Nature with the magic of makeup.

It’s important to start off your morning routine with a fresh face. Valley recommends Lush Cosmetic’s Mask of Magnaminty or Cupcake. These masks soak up extra oil that’s on the face, giving you a fresh palate to put your makeup on. The exfoliating agents in the facemasks buff off any dead skin or dirt, leaving you with a smooth, glowing complexion.

One common mistake most of us make is thinking that we don’t need to moisturize our faces for fear of making them greasy. But, the truth is, moisturizing is an imperative step in your skincare routine. A lightweight moisturizer, like this one from Cetaphil, replaces the loss of hydration from exfoliating.

Priming your face before makeup application is a must. Primers help to bring out and enhance the pigments in your products (plus it helps the makeup adhere and stay to your face for even coverage). Ulta Beauty makes an affordable face primer that reduces the size of pores and shine on your face.

During the fall and winter, you may have purchased a foundation that gave you a dewy finish to make up for the lack of hydration the cold air stripped away. But as the humidity level rises with the oncoming spring and summer months, that extra moisture could be contributing to the oily layer on your face. Opt for Revlon’s Colorstay Makeup foundation, specifically formulated for combination/oily skin types. It offers light, buildable coverage and 24-hour long-wear guarantee. This foundation won’t clog pores or give you that cake-y look. An added bonus is the SPF 15 in the formula, giving you coverage and protection all in the same step! To keep your makeup in place throughout the day, try these setting sprays and powders.

As the day wears on, you might notice your T-zone looking slightly shiny. Don’t worry, carry around these blotting sheets to quickly absorb that shine for midday touch-ups. The small, thin container can easily fit into your backpack or purse.

Don’t fall victim to changes in the weather; take charge of your skin with these products for an oil-free, luminous complexion!