Alternative Halloweekend Plans

Halloweekend is here! Many people have already gotten their costumes and planned where they are going each night this weekend—but what about if you don’t want to go out this Halloween? VALLEY has some alternative Halloweekend plans that don’t involve waiting in ridiculously long lines and recovering the next morning from.

Movie Night

This one is the easiest to plan because you will never run out of movies to pick from. You can go to Disney route and watch all the Halloweentown movies or go the slasher movie route and watch Nightmare on Elm Street. Just get all your friends who don’t plan on going out and bake some cookies and stock up on Halloween candy and relax.

Host your own Halloween Party

Instead of waiting in line in the cold for the majority of the night, be the host of the party. You get to control who is invited, what to drink, and when to call it a night. You get to be in the comfort of your own home and have control of the music. Have Halloween candy all over and decorate your apartment all spooky in honor of the night. You can get creative with drinks by looking on Pinterest and making Halloween inspired drinks if you want to go all out.

Have a pumpkin-carving contest

Go back to your childhood with this activity and carve whatever cartoon character or symbol you want. Have some friends over and do this activity while watching Halloween movies. Decide the prize for whoever has the best pumpkin in the end and celebrate with baking the pumpkin seeds and eating a bunch of candy.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend Halloweekend in a comfy onesie laying on your couch watching some movies. If you choose to go out this weekend, always be responsible and make sure you’re having fun.